Card Terminated. Need a Response.

Is online chat in the app really only the way to contact? I never get a response (I assume because I’m only a personal and not a business customer).

It’s a shame because I recommended Revolut to all my friends. How long do you wait on the app for a response because I’m getting nowhere.

I don’t know why my card was terminated. There is money on it.


You can try Twitter or Facebook too.

Business support is separate from the app via website, that’s a different team.

Unfortunately, waiting time is long right now. You can try Twitter / Facebook, that’s sometimes faster. Be aware that Monday is a bank holiday in the UK and social media is not monitored 24/7.

The best way to deal with support is to write them everything they need to solve your problem. Once an agent gets assigned to your case, they can solve it without getting back to you. This speeds things up.

Don’t worry. Money is never on a card with Revolut, it‘s on an account and then several cards can be attached to that account. So card termination does not affect funds at all. Send them all details and ask them to „un-terminate“ your card. They should be able to do that.

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This card has been terminated & can’t be linked. Please order a new card or contact support for assistance.’
how can i activate it?

Hello, my card has been terminated… Can you activated it again please ?! Thank you

I terminated my first card as i thought it had been delivered to wrong adress. I have no received it, can it be activated?

Please contact support.

Hello , my card has mistakenly terminated, because i think that it was missed somewhere in the world.
I was contacting the support , but always answer me a “bot” who don’t tell me some helpful info.
Can my card be activated ?