Card swallowed by ATM

I’m travelling in Portugal and my card was just swallowed by the ATM. I have been waiting 20 mins to get an answer from the chat with no luck and would love to speak to a human, but am still waiting on my call. Do you know if you can order a new card and get it sent to somewhere other than your home address? I am traveling for another month ad wondering if I can have the card sent to my accommodation

if it was a bank’s ATM go tomorrow morning and ask it from their reception.

Thanks, I have called the ATM and they said they do not return swallowed
cards, that they destroy them

Why did it swallow your card? Who ultimately is legally liable for the costs of replacing the card? If it’s the cash machine operator, how would you recover the cost from them if Revolut charges you?

Normally, the only reason for ATMs to swallow cards is if they’ve been marked as lost/blocked/stolen or if the PIN was entered wrong for more than the allowed times (normally 3), which leads to a blocking.

Did something of this happen?

In this case, the one who’s repsonsible for the blocking is liable. (Normally, ATM send the cards back to the manufacturer, only sometimes they’ll destroy them).

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I don’t think this was the problem. I had entered the amount I want and it
was asking if I wanted the machine to do the conversion or if I wanted it
done by my bank. I pressed bank and then it said machine out of order and
did not return my card

Sounds clearly like a problem by the ATM vendor. I would say, he’s liable for the cost of a new card.

If you haven’t done it yet: Block your card for all kind of transactions within the App.

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That’s terrible. Because you refuse the machine’s disingenuous dynamic currency conversion, it steals your card from you. Did you take a photo of the message? Which bank was it? Please name and shame them!

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Didn’t even think to take a photo.

Yes, @Zoya please share the name of the ATM operator so fellow ‘Revoluters’ can avoid that ATM while being in Portugal…

It was a multibanco, but it will be difficult to avoid because they are the
biggest ATM provider in Portugal

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Had the same in switzerland with ATM from ZKB Bank

Card in entred pin
choose a quick selection 300CHF
Choosed without conversion
Then the ATM says RESTARTING
Out of order

Asked :r: for a chargeback

So the cash machine charged your card for the CHF 300 withdrawal despite not giving you the money? Did you get your card back? If not, who is ultimately going to fund its replacement?

The only time something similiar like this happened to me at an ATM, the ATM was issuing back a refund the next day. Normaly, the ATM machine does not flag cash as taken as long as it is not really taken out of the ATM’s dispenser shaft.

Multibanco is a rather stable and advanced network, one of the most worldwide actually, sounds just like a malfunctioning machine.

@NFHi got my card back and fill a chargeback form from revolut there you have the option problems with chargeback

Hi, the same happened to me today when withdrawing money from an ATM in Marrakech. The ATM swallowed my card, I didn´t get the money and apparently it has been taken out from my account. Do you know who I can contact to solve this?

You need to contact revolut and they should be able to help you

Same thing happened to me a week ago. It was a metal card but it hadn’t been frozen nor stolen/lost and it wasn’t limited. The ATM just decided to swallow it. It was an ATM inside a bank and they told me to come back in a few days so I can get it back when the person who cares about the ATMs comes and takes it out…
Weird situation…