Card stopped working



My card stopped working today.

Plus, and ATM said I have a zero balance :frowning:
Which is not not true.

Contacted support and provided declined transaction details

Do you have any better idea to get support?


PS: limits are fine.


chat version of support is …
they are busy :slight_smile:

i guess I should get a second card

any other ideas?


What card? Visa, Mastercard, Maestro ?


Basic, VISA

do you think it makes any difference?


Yes, it does sometimes. For example, few days ago VISA network was down and many ppl had issues. Mastercard was fine.


That is not the case, I think,
in all cases my friends with the same card were able to use them just a minute after me.

Balance inquiry would be rejected if VISA were down,
not approved and indicate zero funds.


I got the notification that issue is fixed,
only second try worked …

first failed