Card STILL not arrived.


Hi I ordered a standard delivery card which was due to arrive last week but never did.
I then proceeded to order AND PAY FOR an express delivery card (as I am urgently needing to access my funds) which has also not arrived yet.

This account is where I have been getting paid from my work, and I have no way of using any of the money in there for day to day living (eg groceries etc).

I am disgusted at the customer service for this company- there is NO way to gain any human contact or help, all you receive is bots who are completely incapable of assisting and answering questions.

From reading other people’s comments, your delivery service is horrendous- with most people having to wait longer than the estimated arrival time, cards getting ‘lost’ far too frequently.
I would think about changing your courier services if I were you, because after looking into it (Which I should have done first) I have found VERY FEW positive reviews about your company.

I have very little money and was reliant on being able to use the funds I have earned from working.