Card section, made better (security issue)


Hello everyone,

Second idea today. I made a time ago some experiments to make the card section in the Revolut App a whole better. I always check my Revolut account on the go and it arrives that I want to promote the app so I navigate into it or that I touched the card section accidentally with friends and other persons around me.

The card numbers and the CVV are always displayed entirely in this section. That’s frustrating because I can’t show this section to maybe future members of Revolut or it can arrives that when I touch it accidentally someone remembers or take in picture my phone, having all the necessary numbers to make payments online.

So today I purpose a solution in the two images below (part maybe of your future redesign of this section which turns old/not as ergonomic and beautiful as the rest of the app). It acts very simply. By default when you go to the card section numbers are replaced with stars. You will only have to touch or hold for seconds the card on the screen to reveal all the numbers! A second security layer can be added with a TouhID request. :wink:

(It’s normal that the actual buttons in the app doesn’t reflect the ones in these screenshots ; it’s an old redesign) This is not an actual Revolut design but a community one


NOTE: Oh yeah, please give us back the ability to change the card’s PIN code, option to change it at an ATM is not available in France.


Hi Julien,

Interesting idea! I’ll definitely pass this on. Thanks for the detailed suggestions.


Very good idea. Conceal the numbers. :heart_eyes:


Good idea! and the design looks better too