Card rejection problems in Singapore - 29/09/2017


I tried to pay a hotel bill in Singapore on Friday using the revolut card but, after three attempts, it was rejected.

Trying to avoid a Credit Card charge I then tried to withdraw the necessary funds from a cashpoint using Revolut as I DID NOT yet know about Revolut’s meltdown and couldn’t use the app to contact them. However there was a message stating that there was a technical problem and that I should contact my Bank.

In both these cases NO payment was either made or cash received using REVOLUT but the amounts have been debited from my balance.

In the end BARCLAYCARD was used to settle the bill (complete with what I know will be currency charges). WILL Revolut help me solve these problems?


Hey @WelshGuy :slight_smile:

Based on :r:'s posts on Twitter, your money should already be on your account and any additional cost incurred will be refunded to your account (with a statement provided to them).

Consider using the in-app support chat tomorrow or get in touch with them through Twitter:


Hi Juliopp,

Been trying to contact Revolut all day.
I can assure you that the money isn’t there.


Hey @WelshGuy :slight_smile:

I don’t doubt what you say at all :frowning:
I guess tomorrow, as it’s a working day, they’ll start working faster again…


Sorry @Juliopp. This is the end of what has been a very trying day. We aren’t talking about small amounts of cash.


Hi @WelshGuy.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused. Let get in touch via a direct message so that I can help.


All reasolved - apart from transaction charges arising from the use of Barclaycard to settle a bill in polace of my Revolut card,


I believe, we can get something sorted for this too!


I am awaiting the Barclaycard statement.

I will be in touch once I have it.