Card rejection explanations


It would be nice if I received explanations in app when a payment is refused. A friend of mine tried to use a gas pump in France the other day with his monzo card and he got an explanation why it was refused (not enough funds for a deposit). The same thing does not seem to happen with revolut.


Sorry for that! We try to include helpful messages when declines occur.

In this case as your Revolut card is pre-paid, when you pay with it the merchant has to authorise that you have sufficient funds on your card to make the payment.

As some automatic petrol pumps and toll booths do not have online connectivity, you may find that you are unable to use your Revolut card at automatic petrol stations.


Hi there. This explanation also answers MY initial question, thank you. I had a similar problem on multiple occasions at petrol stations and roll booths in Spain. Is there a solution to this on the horizon?