Card rejected 3 Times

Hi all,
I’m from europe. I used my card 4 times today. Once on a atm and it worked ( with a fee btw ). And three times in thee differents places ( restaurant/bars ) and it was declined every time. Everything is allright on the app. I just didn’t add the always location sharing.
Anyone ?
One thing important : l’m in Chile.

Many thanks. I just got revolt to travel. But there is no sens if it keeps not working.

Could you please check the back of your card and share if it’s issued by Paysafe or by Wirecard?

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I have the same problem here in Chile.

And my card was issued by Paysafe


I activated the location and desactivated right after, and since, it’s works approximativly 2 Times on 3 used.

Hi Comef, How do you do that?