Card refused (Mercadona)

I’ve been refused a transaction (in Mercadona). Has someone else experienced the same lately?

Did the transaction reached your :r: account ?

  • If yes you should have more explanation
  • If not it’s more than probable than the merchant POS wasn’t connected to Internet

No. No notifications in revolut. :frowning:
But I hadn’t any problem with offline transactions before. I used revolut in USA where almost everywhere were offline transaction (the payment was shown in my account after some days)

I think that Internet is mandatory to use the :r: card…

It’s a Prepaid card ( ie. a little like Debit card ) and it always need Internet because the merchant POS need to check in real time if there is enough money on the account.

Am I wrong ?


Not necessarily. I have spent some money when my purchase was shown and my account debited a few days after the transaction.

I couldn’t use my Revolut card last month on a WizzAir flight.

Their POS and tablet was showing that the card request online access

Before this I’ve heard it was possible to pay for in flight purchases … :frowning:

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My colleagues did use their Revolut cards during flight (I am looking for photos because they have published it somewhere in social media :wink:)


I used :r: in Mercadona many times it’s fine. If your card is declined at a retail transaction all it means is that Mercadona’s connection to their acquiring bank temporarily failed.

I am sure Mercadona does not connect each of it’s PINpads directly to the bank, instead they all go to a server farm at Mercadona HQ which then sends the authorisation request through its single (although multiply redundant) connection to whatever bank they have in Spain. (I mean this is how retail chains usually work.)

Imagine how many servers and bits of networking between you and the actual bank, how many things could go wrong. Bottom line a foobar eats your transaction and it comes back bad. Two seconds later the next guy tries and by that time the transient problem is fixed and you think “why me?” Anyway an irritating but not show-stopping problem just try it again and see if it works.

I have been able to use Revolut card everywhere except two places: RENFE (Spanish railroad ticket machines) and SJ AB (Swedish railroad company). Revolut primary customers are people who often travel. Therefore it is a bit ironic that it does not work in some railroad companies.

I’d say that things not working properly in RENFE is not a surprise, and surely not a problem of Revolut. I’ve suffered that issue with many RENFE machines and different cards. Don’t know about SJ AB though.

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