Card refused by Car hire company - whilst traveling.


Hi Revolut community,

I’m an avid user of Revolut, however I experienced an issue which I think in part defeats one of Revolut’s main functions as a travel card.

I tried to hire a car on a number of occasions whilst traveling. And each time the vendor refused the card as prepay and advised me to get a credit card from a bank. Something that I have an allergic aversion to, and simply don’t want/need…

As a travel card, does it not benefit Revolut to contact these businesses and arrange for a travel agreement since this is one of Revolut’s main selling point for travellers? being able to use the card abroad?

It was a major bone in my pickle to put it lightly…


This is not Revolut’s fault, but the policy of car hire firms. See


Car hire companies need to be assured they can get their hands on sufficient funds to cover the damage excess in the event of an incident. For prepaid card it is much more difficult to provide this guarantee.


This is the opposite : with Prepaid cards you are assured that the money is here and the payment is done ( waiting yo be reverted )


For the rent period yes, not for possible damages or even a stolen vehicle… Rental companies want the credibility check the card company has done and take less risk if they demand a Cc. Its just how things work, we would think the same if we ran a car rental company .


Isn’t that why they have insurances?
Last time I rented, they indeed refused my Revolut card, but accepted my regular debit card from my old bank.


Yup but usually the cost to the company is in the thousands rather than hundreds of dollars. They there for want a CC they can charge for example 1500 dollars to if need be. A debit is all good but the company would have to make a reservation for a sum in that ball park to make sure they won´t get ripped off.

If the rental companies did that instead people would complain about big reservations…


Most car hire companies let you pay with one card and use another card for any guarantees. I often do this. For example, I pay with a card with a decent FX rate (e.g. Revolut) but I give my American Express Platinum card for the guarantee, which gives me free car hire insurance, meaning I can decline all optional insurance. Sometimes they reserve an amount of several thousand pounds on my Amex card, but I don’t care as the card has no credit limit and it’s not my money.


Doesn’t deal to the fundamental issues that a travel card can not be used for its primary function… Travel and overseas expenses.


Further to this… Revolut one of the fastest growing alternatives to the old bank systems and soon to be aega million dollar enterprise is not showing any interest in having a corporate level conversation with service providers in discussing future issues which limit its potential. Not good business. They prefer to sit on their laurels and see other competitors such as Monzo steal their thunder.