card refused and in app support does not work


card refused this morning in Ivory Coast, I had to leave all my groceries at the supermarket as I had no other card with me :frowning:, and also I could not get any help as the in app support does not seems to work at the moment. What is going on? Revolut cannot be relied on??


Hey there @babish :wink:

There’s a major service disruption right now due to technical problems :frowning:

Card transactions are mainly not working, but they’re working to fix the issue ASAP.

If you use any other card, please keep all the receipt. You can stay updated through Twitter:


I see so revolut just cannot be relied on. Should not you at least send in app notification in such case?


Same problem for me. My card seems to be blocked and the chat on the App isn’t available. On top of that, I have just made a transfer with my bank account on my Revolut card this morning. How can I cancel it and re-activate my card?


In UK this lunchtime, payment declined, yet balance on card reflects payment success!!!
No access to support.
I think this is the last straw for me.
The Card cannot be relied upon.


Hey there @babish :slight_smile:

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I see you are having problems, is the issue likely to be fixed today, planning to go out tonight, in Spain and don’t want an embarrassment, I can use my English NatWest card but obviously going to cost more.


Hey @honeymonster :wink:

Other times that this happened, :r: used to reimburse additional FX costs during downtimes if you provided a receipt/statement.

Also, have fun tonight in… Mallorca, it is? :wink:


OK Thanks I need to draw the cash out, just found out they don’t take a card where we are going but I will keep the receipt. No Mojacar in southern Spain thanks anyway.


@honeymonster @babish @colmustad @Emm

Quick update, card transactions are working again and app is supposed to be fully working very soon.

I would suggest asking :r: for an explanation. If you incurred in any FX costs, keep the receipt and send it to the support team.