Card recognized as Prepaid (Debit) or Credit Card when it comes to merchant fees?


Does anyone know if the merchants fee for Revolut Prepaid cards is the same as any other normal Debit card?

I’m asking because some merchants apply a fee for credit cards and not for debit cards.

Are revolut’s Prepaid cards recognized as Credit or Debit when inserting them for payment?


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All Revolut cards are prepaid debit cards.

(Having said this, there is no guarantee that every merchant recognizes them correctly.)

Are they treated the same as credit cards when it comes to fees?

No, they should not be recognized as credit but as debit cards. But your thread title is misleading. They are prepaid debit cards, not prepaid or debit. But never credit.

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Constantly revolut uses this term, but does this definition really exist ‘‘prepaid debit cards’’?

Sure. That’s how MasterCard refers to this type occasionally.

What’s the benefit to have a prepaid debit card instead of a debit card?

You can load up any arbitrary any amount on the card, knowing that this limit can’t be exceeded, which doesn’t have to be equal to the funds you have in your current account (the limit that a debit card will see, unless a credit facility is in place).

For this reason, it’s popular with parents to give to their children as a kind of convenient pocket money. It’s obviously useful in other situations when you want to limit expenditure on a card to a given set amount.

PS: I’m sure Frank will give other reasons too!

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Is there any particular reason why some merchants were ( and some still) treating prepaid debit cards as credit cards and therefore charging a high fee for its usage?

Most likely, their payment providers give them wrong information.

Now, I’m feeling kid again!!

Since 13th January 2018, Article 62(4) of Directive (EU) 2015/2366 has prevented merchants in the EEA from making a surcharge for accepting payments by consumer cards (debit card or credit card). This is enacted into national law in each member state, for example in the United Kingdom under Regulation 6A(1) of the Consumer Rights (Payment Surcharges) Regulations 2012. Although the directive applies this ban only to Visa and MasterCard consumer cards, the UK legislation goes further by applying to all consumer card types, including American Express and Diners Club.

The European Commission’s guidance states:

Surcharges: fees for the use of cards

Traders in the EU are not allowed to charge you extra for using your credit or debit card. The only exceptions to this rule are American Express/Diners Club cards and business or corporate credit cards, where your employer is billed instead of you. If you use these cards, you may still be charged a fee but the fee can’t be more than what it actually costs the trader to process your payment.


Unfortunately that is not respected as many merchants still charge a CC surcharge.

I used my card in the UK today and it was successfully recognised as debit.

@Anouar, can you please name and shame merchants who are breaking this European and national law?

The only place I’ve found that breaches this legislation is a car wash in east London.

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one example is SWISS but they aren’t breaking the law, just ripping off the Swiss customers.

To add some more information: The virtual Visa card is recognized as Visa Electron.
It was accepted as debit card by SWISS.

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