Card promo false promises!


I received a promotional email on Thursday to “Send someone a free Revolut Visa Card” so I shared the link on Facebook.

Someone has clicked on my link, signed up to Revolut, and ordered a card. However she has been charged a £4.99 fee rather than getting the free card as promised!

She contacted support through the app immediately afterwards on Thursday to request the fee is refunded or the card cancelled but now the card has arrived and she is still waiting for a response from support!

This looks very bad on me as I recommended Revolut to her. I cannot believe how shockingly slow Revolut support is that something can arrive by post before one of your support representatives can reply electronically to her!

I will not be recommending your service to anyone else in the future as it is too embarrassing for me when Revolut fail to support their customers.

I have sent the above to support but no doubt they will takes days the respond to that as well…


Standard shipping costs?
Free card, standard shipping?


Charging for shipping means the card can’t be got for free.


The support will most likely refund her. But I agree with you, support has been too slow in the past few weeks, it wasn’t like this when I started using Revolut. If things don’t change I see a lot of people moving on to a different service, including me. It just scares me to see posts like this all the time, especially posts about money being blocked and support taking days to reply back.


A letter doesn’t cost £4.99 to post.

I really like Revolut but when there is a problem waiting days for a reply from support is unacceptable. First impression are important for a product and Revolut have failed here too. My friend is asking why she should trust Revolut with money when they appear to be so amateur. A valid question I would say.


Someone’s got to pick up the cost for that fancy sliding box no-one asked for … :wink:

I find the acquiesence here to the shipping charges quite odd. No other card issuer has ever charged me for shipping a card, even when it is a replacement for one I have lost.


It’s just so people don’t get the cards and stop using the account. If the person is willing to pay for the card at least they know that even if that said person stops using Revolut they didn’t throw money away.

There are ways to get a free card through, there are promos happening every other month and Ambassadors are also able to give free cards with free shipping to those who do not have a Revolut account yet.

I read somewhere on this forum that Revolut will also refunded the shipment cost of a new card because the last one was stolen. But he had proof of it being used somewhere he wasn’t.


Definitely not shipping as there was both free and next day options when the card was ordered. She has still not had a reply from Revolut support, but today the fee has been refunded.


Should be free, happened to me,too :confused:


Hi there. Really sorry to hear that. Unfortunately a few users facing this issue when they use the promo link to get a free card, where others are able to get a card at no cost. The team is working on a fix.

Rest assured, they can always contact our in-app support team to receive their refund.