Card Processing device for small businesses


It would be great if Revolut could introduce a card processing device linked to mobile devices to allow businesses to accept credit and debit cards.

As an incentive to grow the Revolut user base, Revolut card transactions could be free of charge to the vendor and purchaser.

If the commercials allowed, ideally all transactions would be free to vendors, or a proportion below a certain amount per month (e.g. £2,000). Larger or more successful businesses would therfore effectively subsidise small businesses.

Revolut could of course piggyback one of the other device providers such as Square, but transaction fees could become an issue.

I see a lot of microbusinesses and small businesses who cannot bear the setup and transaction costs or the transaction delays for card payments but who are losing business because of it.

Revolut could nail this lucrative area.


Interesting idea. Having merchants and customers interact via Revolut’s payments network would definitely increase efficiency and ensure lower processing fees for merchants.

I’m not too sure whether free transactions would be financially feasible (Revolut is a business, not a charity.), and using loss-leaders (e.g. Free transactions but poor FX rates.) are reminiscent of legacy banks.

Revolut’s definitely working on something on that front. Not sure whether they’ll be creating hardware themselves (Cost of designing and manufacturing physical payment terminals is expensive, as is setting up the distribution network and hiring people to interface with merchants.) though.

-Merchant accounts (Pay with Revolut.): Zero charge-back fees, up to 10x savings.