Card payments declined


I keep trying to make payments at local stores (Oporto, Portugal) with my revolut card and it keeps being declined. I have checked the security settings and everything looks ok. I am only able to make payments online with my card.

Can someone help me with this issue?

Thanks in advance

Did you receive your Revolut debit card recently?

If so, you will need to make 1 chip-and-pin transaction first before contactless is enabled.


The declined payments were chip-and-pin, I didn’t try contactless.

I did receive the card recently though

Sounds odd.

@anon33247966 might be able to help.

Have you checked if you have activate card?

The card is activated. I’ve already used it for online payments

Understood. So, if you haven’t deactivate it (eg. by accident) in the app, I have no idea :hushed: Or try deactivate it in the app, and then activate it… Just give it a try.

What was the error message? I can see your card fully active.

I logged out of the app and the logged back in. After this I was able to withdraw money from the ATM and pay with the card.

Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

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Lately, the payments with my card are being declined but I do not know how.

I have toped up the card with money, I have no plafond defined but now I cannot use my card for payments.

Can you please help with this as I have money in my card and I cannot use it?


This is not a lot of information you are giving us.
Are you making a payment at a shop/ vending machine or online?
Does the transaction appear in your app? If so, what is the error message?

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Sorry, what is “plafond” ? Is it typing error or some word I dont know in english? :thinking:

Plafond = upper limit

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