Card payment rejected

From the UK I have tried to pay a deposit to a hotel in Chile where I will be staying in December. My Revolut card has been rejected three times even though there are enough funds in my account. They have a photocopy of the card and my full details. Do they need the three digits on the back of the card as well?
Many thanks.

Hey @Dgfcooper,

Are you referring to the card payments to Hotel Y Cabanas El Par ? :slight_smile:


Andreas K

Hey there. Just wanted to be a little annoyance. Is publishing this ok.

Hi Andreas. Yes, that is the payment I am referring to. Look forward to any suggestions.

Not really sure what you mean by this Message (?)


Looks like you have set up monthly card limits for your card, which you have reached :slight_smile:

Change the card spending limits from the card section of the app!

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Thank you Andreas. I will have a look to check this out.



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