Card notification not received

Hi guys,

I’ve received the Revolut card. When I pay by card using the PIN or contactless, I don’t receive any push notification on my phone. I just received once the first time I used. Notifications are enable on my phone for Revolut, actually I receive notification when I top it up.
In the forum, about this problem, someone asked “are the notifications enabled in the app and in the phone?”. Where is “enable notifications” in the app settings? In “card security” I enabled:

  • Swipe
  • Contactless
  • ATM
    Cannot find any other option.
    I also cleared the cache in the app but didn’t help.

Any suggestions?

On Android (7.1): Settings -> Apps -> Revolut -> Notifications

Check if “Block all” is off.

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Hi zapata,

thanks for the reply. Yes, as I said, notifications for Revolut on my phone are enabled. I can receive Revolut notifications if I do a top-up. I don’t receive any notifications when I pay by card.


Still not receiving any push notification when paying by card. I only receive notifications if I pay by virtual card or if I top-up.
I logged out and in again, cleared data/cache but didn’t help.

Android version: 7.0
Revolut version: 5.1.0