Card not working

I have just arrived in Florida I have money on my card but its being delined everywhere I go plus It wont let me take any cash out… Feeling very worried

As you are in USA do you have mag stripe enabled?

yes it is enabled

Yesterday there were issues with Revoluts payment processors which meant all transactions were being declined. Keep an eye on their social media (facebook is best I find)

As far as I am aware its fixed and now works.

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I’m in the US, too and it works fine here. What exactly is declining ? ATM or shop transactions ? Please check your security settings of the card whether you unchecked them to be able to do purchases. If the sketchy ATMs on the street won’t work go into a brach of Chase, BOA, TD or Wells Fargo.
Let me know if you still experience any issues with the card.

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My card not working.