Card not working on Transport for London (TfL)


Hi Andreas.

I filled the form between April 25 and 28, not sure which day.

I got the mail from revolut offering the card on 23 but I first asked on app chat to be sure it was not email fishing/scam (it was strange to me you using an external service for the forms) and they answered me on 25 that it was legit, so from them I think no more than two days after that.

Thanks in advance.



Hi, @AndreasK .

Same for me, no card showing in the app.
I fill the form the same day or maybe the day after.
Can you check ?



You should be able to see a new card linked to your account. Go Card section please and let me know.


Can you check now and let me know if you can see a new card linked to your account?


Hi Andreas.

I’m seeing it now, thank you a lot.


Hi again.

I see it now indeed, but I see you charged me for it, while the mail clearly stated the card was for free.

I guess this is a mistake…


Hi Andreas,

I received the Mail, too. I filled up the Form in the next day but until Now i there is no new card linked to my Account or sent to me. Can you please Check that?




So I filled out the form about six weeks ago, never received anything, no confirmation notification. Then just kinda forgot about it until now. Went back to fill out the form again and I’m directed to a typeform login page instead.

Does anyone have a link to the working form?



Just to let everyone know that I didn’t receive the e-mail to replace my card and I tried using it last week on tfl and it didn’t work. So if you didn’t receive the e-mail you might still have the issue. I contacted Revolut on Twitter and then quickly answered that they sent a new card for me.


Hi Actually signed up to say, I had the email but it was missed initially, however after a note on Twitter got an immediate response today Sunday! and the problem is resolved.

Well done to support, thanks - kudos




My parents can’t use their Revolut cards either on TFL. It freezes completely the gates at the tube for a few minutes and crashes the busses haha…it’s funny, a bit.

They live in Romania and visited me a few months back in London and this happened. They came back again this week in London and they still can’t use their Revolut cards and I need to provide them with other means to travel.

Is there a problem with the cards? Can they get replacements that work?



Hi! Your parents should contact Revolut support inside the app. Revolut support should let them get a new card free of charge.


This is a known issue with a small number of cards. Revolut replaced affected cards a couple of months ago for free, so your parents should contact support for getting a new card.