Card not working on Transport for London (TfL)



I can tell you via DM :mag_right::woman_mage:


Now its possible to have three cards? I already contacted support because I want to order a Maestro card but they told me its not possible to have more than two cards and that there is no plan to add this anytime soon.

@AndreasK Is Visa or Mastercard affected? Can I pull a stunt here and delete the card that will get replaced and order a Maestro card before the replacement arrives? (Than I would finally have all three cards)



I posted earlier on this thread about locking down a tube entry gate, rebooting a bus etc. That same card failed again this weekend, although at least it didn’t lock down the whole gate. I have not received the reissue email. How do I get a new card?



When will that new card appear in Revolut app? (my third one :grinning: )


I am still unable to see that new card in app. I have filled that form a few weeks ago.


Hi there. The cards will start appearing in your app next week :slight_smile:


haha reminds me the IBAN fiasco


The cards will start appearing in your app next week

Mine did appear in the app today. Although it says that it is expected to be delivered on 30th if May. So much for the Premium account “Globally within 3 days” delivery :slightly_smiling_face:
Well, 3 days haven’t passed yet, so we’ll see.


Oh, I was expecting a new card issued with the same PAN but not a new card issued with a totally different PAN :expressionless:



I filled a month ago the form linked by the mail but the card do not shows on my app.

Is there a problem with them?


We’re sending the cads out in bunches. If you don’t get a card by the end of the week let me know.



I’ll be checking



I fill the form a few weeks ago and still now news about the new cards.


I think you just need to wait. My card is on it’s way. And your will be soon. :slight_smile:


@AndreasK I was one of those who received the email last month. Unfortunately I was on a trip abroad and couldn’t pay attention to it. Now I’ve finally had time to sit and clean up my inbox and I see the link provided to request the card no longer works (“Oops! This typeform is private.”).

Could you help me with that?
I’ll be in the UK next month and I need proper TfL support.



@AndreasK I’ve just received a new Visa. I already had a Visa and a Mastercard. How can I know which one is affected by the TfL problem?

Thanks in advance


@AndreasK I have the same thing. It was in my spambox, and I hadn’t noticed it until a friend got his new card.
Could there be a solution?

Thank you


Please let me have a look for you.


Hi, @AndreasK , still no card here and not showing in the app. :frowning:

Thanks in advance for your help.


When did you order a new card.