Card not working on Transport for London (TfL)


But again, this is the wrong end of solving the problem, because it’s the source of the problem (which is TfL) that needs to be solved.
So, after a kilometre-long series of comments we came right back where we were.


I do not want to solve the problem. I want to be able to avoid a problem and help other users out with advice. Like “You’ve got a Paysafe card? Lucky you. Go on a ride!”. Or ”oh no, a Wirecard issued premium card. Be prepared to carry another card in case you want to use TfL.". Or “well, there’s this problem with prepaid cards that need online authorization. Hold out, Revolut applied for a banking license, they are going to issue “real” debit cards with offline functionality in a couple of months.”

I’m baffled why you’re so reluctant to the idea of gaining and sharing knowledge. This is the very reason why user communities exist, isn’t it?


why you’re so reluctant to the idea of gaining and sharing knowledge

If some knowledge doesn’t help with anything, what is the point of having it.

Meanwhile, I have an open support ticket with TfL, and as soon as they will solve the problem, I will share this knowledge with the community.

I do not want to solve the problem

Ah, that explains.


You’re reading very selectively. Knowledge helps a lot. And I made several points how. For example with the decision which card to use.

That does not solve the general problem, it does not solve TfLs problem, and it does not solve your problem. But it can solve the problem for many users that are in different situations than you.

If you’re able to avoid a problem, it is kind of solved without it being actually solved. This is what I meant with “I do not want to solve the problem.” You yourself said it is TfLs job to solve this. I agree.

I am looking forward to when you post TfLs response to your inquiry.


Hi @AndreasK,
The last week-end I went to London, and my Revolut worked at Underground, but not at buses. My girlfriend has one revolut card, and her card work at all. is it probably that her card work due to being Visa and my card is MasterCard?

I can’t sent you a direct message.


Shouldn’t be a problem. I’m using Boon. which works just fine and is a MasterCard.


But when I was going to pay with Revolut the bus ticket, only appear the red light.
In the tube terminals, i did not have this problem.
Is there anything to configurare or similar? I return to London at the end of the month and i would like not having this problem.


Have you checked here?


I guess after a year of reporting it, they finally grokked there was a problem, because they offered to replace my card to resolve issues using it with TFL. I had already signed up with another company because support wouldn’t acknowledge there was anything wrong - kept being asked to check I’d enabled contactless, had enough credit, etc… :-/


Also received this email from Revolut:

Hey xyz,
We wanted to reach out to you as we have identified an issue affecting a small batch of our Revolut cards. Unfortunately, we think your card many have been affected.

It’s not a major issue, but it may cause some difficulties when you try and pay at Transport for London (London Underground) terminals.

To prevent this from negatively affecting your experience with Revolut, we would like to offer you a new Revolut card for free.

Click here to order your free replacement Revolut card and it should arrive within a few weeks. You can still use your existing Revolut card as usual, but we would recommend using an alternative card to pay on London transport until your new card arrives.

Sorry for any hassle and we appreciate your patience.

The Revolut Team


I received this email
I don’t intend to use my revolut card in london transportation.
Is it mandatory to get a new card, or can I keep my current Revolut card ?


It’s not mandatory. The mail does not say you have to. It’s an offer.


I’ve two cards - a premium and plain - which one does it replace!?


I’ve two plain cards (1 Visa, 1 MC). No idea which one it will replace…


I’ve received it too. Couple of questions to the Revolut team @AndreasK

  • Is a new FPAN being issued with the new card or we keep the same?
  • What’s the expiry of this offer? I’m about to go abroad and therefore
    • would like to keep using my existing card
    • would like to be able to order the new card upon my return



Same here. Got the same invitation @Thaek quoted, too. Still don’t know which of my cards will be replaced?

The Premium Reolut MC issued by Wirecard and an ICA manufactured card of 03/17?
The Revolut Plain Visa card manufactured by TAG systems of 02/18?

@AndreasK could you please send me a DM with further information? Thanks in advance so far.


I have 2 physical cards (Visa Revolut, MC Wirecard). Which one will be replaced? @AndreasK Thanks for reply.


Can we have an idea on what kind of card are affected / production dates / BINs / whatever to see if we may be affected?
Or an in-app notification?

I have not received said E-Mail, so I may not be affected, but due to the long standing problem of Revolut using third party services for their mass mailing etc., it very well may have been sorted out by my filters :slight_smile:

So, any information about that some Revolut staff can share here?


Hey guys! Nothing to worry about, as you can keep the existing cards you have plus the new one. In case you already have two cards linked to your account you can now have 3 cards linked to your account :slight_smile:

3 physical cards

What if I already have 3 cards linked to my account :nerd_face: ?

Jokes aside, I would be interested to learn as well which of my current cards is the one affected. Just to make sure not to use that one next time in London. A strange chat with support kind of suggests it is the premium card.