Card not working on Transport for London (TfL)


my sister-in-law’s Revolut card does not work on TfL at all. The TfL reader shows an orange light, then shortly a red one and then blocks completely for like 20 seconds for any card. Contactless works fine in shops. Also do chip and PIN payments and ATM withdrawals - tested in London. The security settings are switched off completely. The app never shows an attempted or declined transaction, just as if she never touched the TfL pad at all. It also makes no difference if used on tube or bus. In-app-support did not find a solution so far. My own personal card works perfectly which makes it really annoying for her.

Any further ideas from the crowd?

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Does the Revolut card have more than £10?

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Yes, balance is above 10 £.

Hey! Could you please send me via a direct message the phone number associated with the account?

OK, direct message sent. Thank you.

Hey @anon33247966 , today I noticed I have the same problem with my card and TfL! (That’s how I found this thread). How can I fix it/how can I send you a direct message here? Thank you in advance! :slight_smile:

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Please see attached image in the post below.

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I can see you’re using tfl!

Yes, but I went to the machine and recharged my Oyster card with a normal transaction via my Revolut Card - because the contactless was not working.

Is there any way to make the contactless payment work with TfL?

Could you please enable the contactless feature of your card from the Card section in the app?

I did already, it still did not work. I also tried to deactivate and reactivate, and still not. I will try again today and let you know.

But now I have another problem. When I log in to my Revolut now I also get the message “We are sorry, something has gone wrong. Please try again later.” I should have received money (I also got a notification for that), but it does not show up.

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The app is currently offline, It has gone down and revolut are trying to get it back online :slight_smile:

I experience exactly the same problem - my Revolut card is not accepted by contactless terminals at Underground/DLR/buses in London. No error message, no declined transaction - nothing. Although, it works just fine for any other contactless payments in shops and restaurants.

And on top of that after each attempt to use it at TfL’s contactless terminals, the terminal “locks” and other people can’t use it with any kind of cards (and I felt terrible, because I was the reason). I reported this issue to TfL just in case, so they could investigate those “locks”.

I wrote about it to Revolut’s support too, they said that they passed the information to the technical team, but unfortunately they can’t resolve it right now. So for the time being I have to buy overpriced TfL tickets from ticket machines at stations.

Sounds really odd, my card works fine for TfL.

Really odd indeed.

Here’s a video.


I got an answer from TfL:

I have had a look at the video you have sent into us and it appears that you receive a code 99. Code 99 refers to the system timing out because card took too long to register. Reason why this would happen is if card is not being read properly and there is a problem with the chip.

So, TfL blames Revolut; and Revolut support told me that it’s probably TfL’s fault due to the possible online connection issues (although, I tried to use my card at multiple terminals in different parts of London). Nobody’s fault, eh.


Hah, I’ve sent another inquiry to TfL asking if they think it is okay for a terminal to shut down so no-one can use it after me, and they answered with this:

We’re aware of a few issues that affect our customers using digital banking alternatives, such as Revolut, Monzo or Starling Bank. Our technical team are currently working hard to fix these bugs and offer smoother journeys to our customers.

So, it is TfL’s fault, as not only Revolut, but other cards have the same issue as well.
And it is confirmed by the fact that I can use my Revolut card for contactless payments with no problem anywhere else (shops, restaurants, etc).

Apparently, we can only wait for TfL to fix their system. I doubt that Revolut can do anything about it on their side.


I have the same issue. Hopefully this will be fix soon!

Same problem, however just to add one more bit of information, my card is not UK based although I have plenty of Sterling in the account.
Wondering about you guys, are you UK or elsewhere?

Just to confirm this happened to me this week on both underground and bus in London. I completely froze a whole set of entry gates at Tottenham Hale, apologies to the 100’s of people behind me! It actually rebooted the ticketing machines on the bus, full boot up sequence displayed.

All very annoying as I specifically sent off for a second card to get the contactless for trips to London. Can someone on the Revolut team confirm what the actually issue is? How come some Revolut cards are working while others are not? Are you guys actively working with TfL to get this sorted?


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