card not working in Prague

hi there,
i’m prague and Reiffeisen doesn’t recognize the card so i can withdraw beer money. Also contactless is not working.
i’ve tried Raiffeisen, Societe Generale![Screenshot_20180822-164322_Messenger|300x500](upload://8w5cUTApgh5vTrTuObWthLjsWy2.jpeg

Strange as I just recently used the card for withdrawals and payments all the time in Prague and around the country and it worked perfectly. I used it to withdraw cash precisely at Raiffeisen ATM:

Just be careful with Euronet ATMs: always use your Revolut Visa card as this one will incurr no fees, while withdrawing with Mastercard always incurrs a fee of 75 CZK.

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I live in the Czech republic and all of my Revolut cards work contactless and I can withdrawal money via ATM without any problems. Do you have enabled everything that is necessary in security section in the app?

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