Card not working for paying abroad

Hi there, I’m trying to pay for the first time with my revolut card in the US and it’s not working, same is happening for my girlfriend’s card. I already used it to pay online and it worked, is there any process I should have gone through in order to be able to use it?

Thank you very much

Check out card security options. Location based security comes to mind. Check out the FAQs for how all the security features are supposed to work. Good luck :wink:

I already turned off any security check, but it didn’t change anything

Hm, weird.

Where did you test it? Some ATMs just won’t work. Most bank ATMs do, that is my experience. Or did you test it at shops, POS terminals? Do you get a “declined” message or what does the payment terminal show?

To answer your question: no, you don’t have to do anything before using the card. I used mine all over the US without any further configuration.

I tested it both on ATMs and on Pos. I’ll try again today, maybe I’ll be more lucky :slight_smile: thanks frank :slight_smile:

Same problem. Traveling from the UK with plenty of credit on my card. Rejected on every occasion - the transaction appears on my account as “transaction declined”. The card worked fine when I was in France. No reply from Revolut support. Any ideas, anyone?

The push notifications sometimes give more detailed information than the transaction list in the app: “Declined: ATM withdrawals deactivated” or something like that.

Location based security sometimes can be a bitch when the phone did not update location informations because it was offline and data roaming is deactivated.

Are you guys using iOS devices? I would close and reopen the app, force the phone to use some location based things …

Sorry, no more ideas here. If there isn’t a general IT problem with a card processor, the security settings are the only thing I can think of here. I would try contact Revolut via Twitter.

Hey guys, are you using chip and pin for these transactions or magstripe?

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Both, but everything has been working in the past two days fortunately

Have not been able to use my card anywhere in the last 5 days in Washington and N Carolina. Revolut support is offline!! I’ve tried using it online to pay for flight bags and in restaurants. Declined everywhere. Simply not good enough. Where are the instructions to resolve this? Surely the USA is not the end of the world and it should work everywhere?!

Vacation in Mauritius.
Before living tried to pay on and Airbnb for my stay using revolut card. Declined
Used my regular credit card instead.
While, there, really strange things happening.
Most of the times the card was declined, but for example in a supermarket it was accepted for a few times and then declined again. So frustrating : (
Wanted to use this tool for all transactions abroad but all I get is cashiers looking at my face with that strange look… and a lot of fees from my bank.
Tried support while there and spend a whole day waiting for the live agent … that never came up.
Had to give up. All this happened as well on a previous holliday to the caribbean.
Anybody can help me ???