Card Not Working and Revolut Not Answering


Whenever I have tried to use my card the past few days the transaction has not gone through. It keeps declining it for no reason. I’ve checked all the security details and nothing seems amiss. I’ve tried to contact to Revolut but no one answered and now their chat has been down for the last three days. I am extremely frustrating. How am I to access my money? Has this happened to anyone else?


Hey @hcan43 :slight_smile:

That’s unlikely, the chat is 24/7 :confused:
Try uninstalling/reinstalling or typing “Resolved”.

Apart from that, does the failed transaction appear in the transaction list?


Yes, all the declines show in the transaction menu. I’ve reinstalled the app again; I think the chat may be working now so hopefully I can get help that way, too. Thanks!


Hi @hcan43. Please accept my apologies for the delay. An agent has responded and resolved your query. If there are outstanding issues just send me a DM. :slight_smile: