Card not working. Account blocked. No replies from support team


I went to use the ATM on my holiday yesterday in Spain I have a all of my holiday money on my revolut card. The transaction was denied 3 times went online spoke to an advisor told me that the compliance team would contact me shortly. THEN NEVER RESPONDED AGAIN. We are stuck in Spain with no money and we feel scammed out of our hard earned cash. Can anybody help us? My partner has contacted support from her app but because it’s not my app they can’t help and the only advise we seem to get is can he not contact us… Yes I can contact you but your not replying to me!!! Fed up, holiday ruined and skint cheers resolut!!!


Click on @AndreasK name and message him with your telephone number. He will help you.

But this is partially your fault too. No one should ever go on vacations with only 1 available way of accessing money… Imagine someone steals your card or it doesn’t work like it’s happening. You end up having no more money during the trip?! That is non sense.


The idea is if my card is lost I can electronically move money onto my debit card as a Emergancy. The revolut is supposed to be the safest and most efficient way to take / use money abroad. No fees no travelers cheques with commission, I use my debit card all the time at home to ensure my money is safe and at my disposal when ever I need it. The Revolut is supposed to do the same when abroad.
Point 1
The card not working is a inconvenience
Account blocked with no access from myself to enable me to transfere money to either my debit account or my partners Revolut
Point 3
Customer service was not in my opinion satisfactory. I was told that someone would contact me but this didn’t happen.
Having been convinced that the Revolution was my best option and looking at it in principal it is the best way to travel abroad without hard currencies or travellers cheques, I am disappointed to have been kept in the dark for 30 plus hours.


Hi there.

Really sorry to hear that - however it looks like we have sorted it out.

Please for further information contact me directly. Im more than happy to help


Andreas K


did you have security option Location enabled?


@FernandoMiguel, this case it has nothing to do with Location settings.


I am trying to activate a card and have transferred some money to the sort code and account listed to my account and sort code on the registered app,the online support is not answering and I haven’t received the verification code into my account statement as suggested on the app ,very frustrated


I wondered what had happened to the cash I had transferred its like I black hole with no replies from online chat !!!


Same here. The card is blocked, as according to the ATM I put the wrong PIN. I doubt it… then I tried to contact the chat support but it seems more like a monologue. This is the first time I m trying to use it and I am abroad… I have transferred money to the Revolut account and I cannot use them at all. This is getting ridiculous and super annoying. Hopefully someone will read this as this issue is getting now mega urgent for me


I have the same problem.
I have no idea why my account is blocked and the support does not answer. Would you be able to help me out? @AndreasK …not able to send a private message.
Thank you!


Apologies for the long wait. I can see your account fully active.


I am experiencing a similar problem. My card has been working with no issue for 4 months in Inodnesia today but it has been blocked. No response from customer support. Please can you help?


You might be able to unblock your card yourself from within the app. Have you checked this?


I am experiencing a similar problem, my account shows as blocked for security reasons but I have no response from customer support. Please could you help?


Updated my app and now I have seen this option! Thanks !!