Card not working - 15/-06



My revoult card isn’t working in ATMS or in shop using PDQ machines.

I have used contactless / made online purchases fine since I got the card, however today was the first time I’d actually entered the pin into a PDQ machine as the amount was over £30. It then kept saying I was using the incorrect pin, despite having checked on the app to ensure it was definitely correct. My card was then subsequently blocked, and now support don’t seem to be able to fix this - I’m very concerned as I am going to Thailand on Saturday for two weeks and will need to use my card there.

Can anyone suggest a possible solution? I’ve checked and nothing is turned off, the pin I used was definitely correct and I haven’t exceeded any kind of limit that I’m aware of.

Does any one have any experience with using the card in Thailand, and in particular Phuket / Phi Phi? I’m getting really nervous now and may have to end up taking hard cash rather than my revoult card if this issue persists.

Many thanks,

Scott Cooper


Not sure what the problem is but it’s completely not worth it to use Revolut in Thailand due to the extra markup (see the FAQ for details), so I’d just leave the card at home and try to resolve the issue once you’re back. Taking cash (in US dollars) or another card (preferably a MasterCard) should work out better for your trip. There were also some threads about it on this board recently.


hi truelove,

they managed to resolve the card issues thankfully - though I still have slight reservations about the longevity of the fix and if the card will work at all of the ATMS in Thailand.

I’m gutted to read your post, as I literally leave Tomorrow and have already put all of my travel money onto my Revoult card - I knew there were fees involved but I thought this still worked out around the same.

I guess I’m a little stuck now and I need to just get used to the idea of paying more to withdraw…


Well, you can still withdraw your money while in the UK and take cash instead but for best rates you should exchange it into US dollars first (preferably in recently-issued $100 notes).

Otherwise, in Thailand there is a flat fee per withdrawal, which applies to any foreign card and cannot be avoided (although some banks do refund it for their customers). It is also largely a cash society and card fraud is rife, which makes it worthwhile to make a large withdrawal in a single transaction, and then just use cash everywhere, not the card. Unfortunately, with Revolut this means you also get hit with the 2% ATM fee.


Thanks once again for your helpfulness, question is if I withdraw my cash - won’t I be hit by the 2% fair usage fee after the first £200? I can obviously bank transfer but have been advised this would take 2r hours plus & by that point I don’t be in the country:/


You’re right, unfortunately.

The only other thing that comes to mind is if you’re travelling with someone else then maybe you can ask them to use their card during the trip and settle the balance afterwards.


Ahh the pain of being right - I think I’m going to have to bite the bullet on this one and just cut my losses, unfortunately I’m going with my partner and I took a lead on the finance side of it. Here’s hoping I don’t end up single as a result!

Thanks again for your help anyhow!