Card not recognised in Sweden

Hi, I was using my card in Denmark with no problems. Today I went to buy a train ticket and my card didn’t work, even with sufficient funds. I got on to chat support and was told it was a temporary issue that had been resolved and my card was ok to use.

A few hours later I tried to pay for a meal in Sweden and it didn’t recognise my card so I couldn’t pay. I couldn’t use ATMs. I got on to chat support who told me it was ok to use. I tried again at an ATM and cafe after this and it still didn’t work. The chat agent has just disappeared and I’m stranded with no access to my money.

Hey @Lornita :slight_smile:

If you did really get in touch with :r: three times regarding the same issue and it still didn’t get rectified, I would ask for the issue to be escalated If I were you :wink:

I asked to escalate it but that request was ignored. I was told that the card is working on the system and I must be using it wrong, which isn’t the case since both of my travel companions are using their revolut cards fine. I was told that I could have the card terminated and a new one send out, which doesn’t really help me when I’m stuck in Sweden with no money.

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Thank you :slight_smile: