Card not received by and no response from support

My card arrived today - thanks for your assistance panic over!!

I hope everyone’s cards arrive soon.

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Awesome! Have a nice trip Yousuf

Hopefully mine arrives today / tomorrow, I leave Sunday!

My card arrived today! Love the packaging it comes in, nicely done Revolut.

Congratulations! I’ve seen on Twitter that you have your revolut (unfortunately-standard) card. So 50% of success… Wish you luck with the other 50% :joy:

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This was me :))))

I’m waiting. I wonder what my premium card did in Bristol before going to East Midlands… don’t tell me there’s no direct route between London and biggest DHL facility in UK :joy:

Also. I don’t have access with the tracking no on to change the address and I need it…

Hello Andreas, I am in the same situation and I can’t send you a direct message. Can you help me?

Thank you in advance!

Card’s been ordered almost three weeks, but I still haven’t received it. There’s no tracking number and I have no idea what happened.

Have you written a message via in-app chat?

Hi guy same for me - 2 cards ordered and none of them received. One message to the team and 6€ charged when I have re-ordered a card - but still no news and no card received ???