Card not received by and no response from support

Hi guys

I ordered my card using express delivery on the 9th and I haven’t received it yet and there is no tracking number yet on the app - should I be worried?

It’s not that long overdue I’m just freaking out a bit as I go traveling on Friday and I would have thought even if it hasn’t arrived it would have been sent by now?

I’ve sent a few messages to the in app support over the last 24 hours but no response

I don’t mean to be impatient but I’m getting a bit worried!!

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Same situation here. Is not posted yet

As I’ve understood from Support, will be sent on Monday. Hopefully…

Same for me, express delivery ordered on the 9th with the app stating expected on the 11th, which didn’t happen. Meanwhile my friend who ordered with standard delivery has already received his. Will be asking for a refund of the difference. If it arrives Monday, fine but that’s not express delivery if it took a week.


In Poland in such situation we say “klęska urodzaju” which means “fertility disaster” (demand much higher than expected) :grin:


@anon33247966 can you help please, I still haven’t received my card which I ordered a week ago with express delivery

Let’s pray together.

Your card has not been sent yet. Maybe today.

Keep praying. I’m waiting both of my cards (first never arrived and second one has not been sent and was expected to arrive today).

Support told me once that the cards will be sent on Monday due to this delay(s). Tho there are people who ordered them and got them posed… to the wrong address :joy:

There were some issues somewhere about the card combined with high demand and boom!

Don’t worry. It will arrive. Hopefully.

Sure. Could you please send me a direct message with your phone number linked to your account?

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I’m in the same situation. Ordered on 10 supposed to arrive today.

As I’ve heard there’s a delay on cards and it will be sent today. I’m kinda fine with that now. Kinda.

Just tell me it will be sent today and I’m fine :joy:

The thing is the bar appears full as expected to arrive. Will the tracking number still appear?

Edit: logged out and in again. The bar completely disappeared :ghost:

Of course. Are you able tot send me the number linked to your account?

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The app says that my card been posted on 12 jan and expected on 15 Jan but I didn’t receive it and I can’t see the tracking number even that I paid for this service , could you check plz coz I’m flying to India on Friday morning and im planning to use the card over there . Thanks

Sadly enough I am in the same situation as everyone else in here although I did actually get some responses from support. I ordered my card on the 8th with the expected delivery being the 10th.

I contacted the support on the 11th as the expected delivery date was not on the app when it was previously appeared as sent. I persisted and finally got connected to Weronika who was trying to be as helpful as possible and responded with “I’ve just checked with out shipment processor about your card order. Unfortunately, due to amount of requests sent to our shipment processor, there is a delay in sending out your card. It will take a little more time to reach your address. Apologies for the inconvenience.” I decided to further enquire as the app had previously detailed the card as being “posted”.

Weronika responded with “I’ve just checked the delivery status and it seems the card has been already delivered” This was a bit of a shock considering the last statement and I had informed her that I was in all week and that could not have been the case. I decided to then knock on the door of all my neighbours to make sure that it wasn’t incorrectly handed to them.

This wasn’t the case and extent of the support was essentially wait and sere if it arrives now.With paying for express delivery on the 8th I found this awfully poor service and I’m not too sure on what I’m meant to do now. I had chosen to use the express delivery as I’m due to go to Sweden on the 17th.

@anon33247966 if you could help me that would be greatly appreciated

Hi all, same here! I ordered the card on the 1st of Jan and still no card and I’ve just been told on the app that there is a TWO hour wait to speak to someone! If I had known the customer service is so awful, I would not have signed up to this company!

My card has also not arrived and I have ordered express delivery which was due today. I leave to go abroad in a few days time - can someone please let me know when it will arrive and if I can expect to receive a refund for express delivery? Thank you in advance, Alex @anon33247966

Same here, I already ordered it 3 times already through standard delivery and I’m still waiting. Some friends just had to order it once and they already have the cards.

I’ve got an awb from dhl.

Tho not sure if it’s the standard card or the premium black cute hot one. Let’s see.
If it’s the premium card hopefully it travels in business class :rofl:
Standard can me in coach.

(Seems quite fast, I didn’t know there’s a flight from Warsaw to Leipzig, also I’m curious what’s the next route :joy: )

Unfortunately, due to amount of requests sent to our shipment processor, there is a delay in sending out your card.

The cards was sent out on 15.01.2018 so it will take a little bit more time to reach your address.

Apologies for the inconvenience.

Thank you for your reply - can you confirm that my card has been sent out please I’m not sure which message you were replying to? Am I able to give you my mobile number and you can track it?

Could you please send me a direct message?

I’m not sure that I have the ability to send direct messages yet, do I need to be a user of the community for longer before I can do this? Or would you be able to tell me how? thank you

I’ll do this for you :slight_smile: