Card not received - 1 month delay


Hi! I ordered my first Revolut card October 3th, practically a month has passed, and I still have not received it yet. There used to be a screen in the Revolut app with the delivery status, but I can no longer find it.

I checked my personal details under Profile, and they are correct. Can I order it again? I do not mind, but I would not like to have to pay again 6€.

Can somebody look into it?


Bom dia @villalobosMG :slight_smile:

If you can no longer find it, that means the scheduled time for delivery has passed… And this is weird :clock1::confounded:

You should be able to get a refund through the in-app support chat, going to the More tab, clicking Support and then typing live agent to RITA, the nice robot agent :robot:


Thank you for prompt reply.

I have already asked for assistance in the in-app support chat, but their answer was unclear.

Their answer to the “I haven’t received my card yet” was:

“Delivery time is currently up to 9 working days for standard delivery, Express delivery within the UK, US or Canada will take two business days. For the rest of the world will take 3 business days. Please note, these are estimated delivery times, and we cannot guarantee a specific delivery date. In case you are waiting for more than the allowed time, please say live agent.”

@Juliopp What should I write to get a refund for the missing card and set out an order for a new card?


Hey @villalobosMG :slight_smile:

You just talked to a robot, the well-intentioned RITA :robot:, and she didn’t understand your problem in full :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

As I said in the previous post, and as she said, just answer “live agent” (without the quotation marks :blush:)


Sorry, I completely missed that part. I will do so. Thank you again for your help.