Card not delivered yet. Card delivery status not shown on the app



I ordered my card 1.5 weeks ago and I haven’t received it yet. Also, I don’t even know whether I will be getting it since there is no information on the app about the delivery status of the card.

Can you please let me know if the card is on its way? I live in Germany.



Hello, I have the same issue : I ordered a card 3 weeks ago and I still not have received it. It was supposed to be delivered on 4th august 2017 in Paris…


Me too. This is ridiculous. Order my card when Fraud was committed on account so had to cancel last card. The card was due 26th July. That card still hasn’t arrived. Support said there was a problem with some card and should order a new one. Did that and that was due August 26th. All support can say is “soon” “sorry” and advise to order a new card. Just ordered a new card now, let’s see what happens. I am travelling next week and need a card for holidays. Thankfully I have another account with a real bank, which after this experience, I’ll deffo be keeping. Also, I am paying €6 per month for this mess…