Card not delivered despite being ordered over a month ago


Hi, I paid £5.00 on 20th May 2017 to order my Revolut card. I have not had any delivery status emails and the card still hasn’t arrived. I am in the UK and I have checked my profile to ensure my address is indeed entered correctly. I tried using the Support chat channel in the app - the bot named Rita was not able to help and asked me to type “live agent” to get more help. Unfortunately the chat went dead from that point onwards as I got no response even after an hour of waiting - do you have any live agents on the support site?

I would really appreciate it if someone at Revolut could chase this up for me.



Try to get your money back and read :

if I were you I will forget about this app.


Hi docGG,
Thanks for that link - I am beginning to think you are right. I just got a reply to my support chat where the “live assistant” Maciej said:

If you didn’t receive your card by now it may be that it has been lost during the process. If that is your issue, I suggest deleting that undelivered card from your app and place a new card delivery order with alternative address (your workplace or a relative address) for which we will be able to refund you with standard delivery fee.

This is completely unacceptable - why should I first pay yet another £5 for delivery AND have it delivered to another address and then HOPE that they will this time succeed in delivering my card and refund me the extra fee that I had to pay.

Can someone from Revolut please explain how this can be classed as good customer service?


I guess thats how their app written, they can’t make this free inside the app only for you and they can’t send the card out manually either hence they can only suggest to order it the usually way and then the fee will be manually credited on the account.


I suggest you to drop the case and go to Monzo or N26. With Revolut you look forward for a lot of troubles. I have experienced it…


Monzo and N26 has higher fees and not available in all countries where Revolut is.


Yes, may be, but at least they have a decent customer service and are not completely disorganized. You get what you pay for !!!
The real cost is not what you show ! the real cost is the time you loose with incompetent people !!!


We do not mean that you would have to pay an extra fee, we would reimburse you for the card cost after placing your order!


Apologies - it seems that my son (who has the same initials as me) accidentally took delivery of my Revolut card. It is all sorted out now.