Card not delivered and no delivery status on the app

I ordered my card 12 days back and haven’t received it yet. The application is no longer showing any status of card delivery. Been waiting for 45+ mins for someone in support to respond but no luck yet. I am travelling in two days and was Banking on Revolut card.
Please help. @revolut @anon33247966

Sorry to hear that your card takes that many days for delivery. Which country a you shipping to ? Have you checked whether the address is correct in your account ?

Maybe @revolut or @anon33247966 can check the status of your card.


@C0ldwater Thanks for your response.
Shipping to a UK address and yes the account details are correct.

Is the support always like this? I would assume better response times.

Okay ! That is a rather long delivery time for a UK address tbh.
The in-app support is experiencing many request and are not as fast as they used to be. The chat bot is still “trained” so I am not sure whether it will understand your issue. The community is faster.
I tagged the team here, so they should contact you soon. I am feeling sorry that the days are running out before your travel

@Avi I have sent you a direct message so we can sort this out :slight_smile: