Card not authorised

Hi, I have tried to top up my account with two credit cards and one debit. Most of my credit cards are Costa Rican but one of them is Spanish. They are all mastercard or visa. Help?

Hi @mokali.

You can top-up your Revolut account with a debit or credit card issued in the EEA. We currently support Mastercard or Visa Credit cards to top-up. Please note, credit card top-ups will be recognised as a normal card transaction, not a cash advance.

Unfortunately, some Maestro, pre-paid debit cards and American Express are not supported.

Thank you Andreas.

I´m trying to use a Spanish debit card and it still won’t authorise it.

Is it a prepaid card?

Hi, this is also a problem for me. MY visa debit was working for 3 weeks. When i tried to top up it just started to not work and not be authorised. I thought it was the WiFi connection but I have tried in different areas now and it doesnt get authorised. I added a credit card (mastercard) and I was able to add this card to my account but the top up was refused. It seems to be a problem with revolut rather than my banks, What shall I do to overcome?


I would like create my account but my card was not authorised? How can I fix it? I have debit card VISA.

Thank you for advance,

I have the same problem. My debit card is maestro from ABN-AMRO the Netherlands and when I want to add my first 10euro money to the Revolut it keeps saying:
We’re unable to authorize this card.
You’re card could not be authorized. please contact your support.

I tried my wife’s ABN-AMRO’s card, but the same messages were shown. Please help me with this issue.

I’m new to the community, and a Reply to previous posts seems to be the only way to ask a question at the level.

I am having problems with purchasing a Macbook from Apple using my Revolut cards from France. Upon attempting checkout, the error returned (on Apple’s website) says: The payment you made with the card ____ has not been authorized. Please check the information entered and try again, or use another payment method.

I have tried all my different cards: Physical and Virtual, and they all have this issue. I am entering all my details correctly on the Apple payment page - same as on my Revolut app.

I don’t know what the probleem is, but I beleive it is from the bank’s end (Revolut). This is because in the Documents section of the app, under Subject access request, I keep seeing the most recent card I try bumped to the top of cards in the list. I believe this is Apple trying to authorize the card, but for some reason, Revolut is not authorizing it.

Also, this is not the first time Revolut has failed me with an Apple purchase. The first time I attempted to purchase this Macbook, the authorization by Apple was successful (and I can see this under the card as part of its transaction history). However, Apple does not charge immediately, only when the product is ready to ship (according to them). When I checked the status of the product after a long while (having expected it to be almost ready), I saw that the order had been cancelled the very day after I placed it!!!

This cancellation was not initiated by me, and I didn’t even get an email from Apple. I had to track the order to see this. But this had to have come from the Revolut end, as that’s the only reason this could have happened.

I still don’t know the reason for either of these two problems, and I apologize for merging them into the same post. But they are concerning the same purchase I am trying to make, using the same methods.

Please help me out if you have an idea of what might be going on.

Thank you.

This is a user community, not Revolut support. For this case it’s probably best to contact support as the problem could be with Revolut, but it could also be Apple and/or their payment processor.
I know from my own experience retailers always say it’s the bank, even if it isn’t and banks (not just Revolut) always say it’s not our fault, it must be the retailer. As a consumer you’re in the middle.
However, that Revolut has issued an authorisation code is a good sign. Retailers then only have a certain amount of time to actually claim the money before the transaction/authorisation is cancelled. That’s true for all banks, not specific to Revolut. Maybe Apple took too long to put the transaction through? As I said, support is better placed to help here. Also to consider, some payment processors have a geo location check in place (it’s optional for retailers on Worldpay for example). Is the delivery and/or your country the same as the country the account is registered in?