Card Machines / Contacless Payments: Possibility?

What are the possibilites on introducing a Contactless “Card” Machine connected to your Revolut Account where you can only accept any contactless payments under just £20.00.
Or, Revolut issuing their complete own machines & systems.

Is this possible, considering Revolut is app based?what do other users think?

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Wouldn’t surprised if :r: introduced their own payments terminals for merchants to use the :r: Payments Network.


Yeah, as simple as accepting Contactless Payments for small objects foods etc under £20-£30; personally speaking from a Business point of view selling on Smoothies & Milksakes, this would be so handy!

Hopefully, Rev will do something along these lines :sunglasses::crossed_fingers::pray:

Much like how Square has branched out beyond payments processing (SMB loans, physical terminals, consumer challenger banking, …), I believe :r: will do the same.

:r: is the Amazon of banking.

A virtual card machine would do too. Revolut-merchant issues an invoice and emails is to the client. Client pays the bill by entering CC details (if not a Revolut user, else simply transfer funds from one revolut account to another).

That’s what revolut already does when you request money from a contact