card keeps being declined


Worked fine in the UK. Now in Cambodia. Keeps being declined every time i try to top up from my Barclays card. My Monzo and FairFX cards are not experiencing this problem. Posted this question into the ‘support’ area of the phone app but seems to have disappeared into a black hole. I must say, Revolut seems to be a rather flakey company and card. Not happy about entrusting my money to them when they seem so buggy and think a ‘community’ is an appropriate way of dealing with people’s money. Hm.

Anyone any ideas of whether this is fixable or should I just forget about revolut?


Used it extensively in Asia including Cambodia. Occasionally cash machine declined but tried my partners or a different bank. Used it all over the world. No real problems apart from Cuba. Not a surprise. I’m a big fan of Revolut though. :blush:


Hi @lswift,

Thank you for contacting us.

Are you passing the 3D secure page?


Hi Andreas,
The 3d secure message comes up, I get the swirling ‘waiting’ symbol and then the declined message comes up. Does this tell you anything useful as to what to problem might be?
Thank you



We can see that your bank is blocking the payments. Try to call them, as they need to lift any restrictions may have on your card or on Revolut.


Hi there, I’ve called my bank. They cannot see any declined payment requests on my account, they say there are no blocks on my card, my account or any concerning the revolution card. So there appears to be no problem from my bank’s point of view.

But now I am being told this is too similar to what I ave recently posted (WTF???) So do revolution not allow unresolved questions then? I have never ever encountered such a message before in any forum. And I still find myself in Cambodia with a completely unusable revolution card, a useless so called ‘chat’ service which takes hours to reply and now this. Unbelievable.



Really sorry to hear that. Just to clarify, your top ups have been declined by the issuer bank. Try to top up a smaller amount and make sure you have a good internet connection. In the meantime you can top up your account via a bank transfer.

Regarding your Revolut card, as we can see your card payments have been failed due to card security you have enabled/disabled. Go to the card section to find card security, and enable the E-commerece transactions.

Thank you


nearly the same story. the account is topped up, the balance is about €34. Payment of €2,50 declined.
Suport online chat is totally usless: we are busy, please wait.


Hi! I recommend reaching support on Twitter (@RevolutApp) :slight_smile:


They have consultants of different levels. Rita is just a robot, to show quick response. Maria, first connected alive, doesn’t read my messages, doesn’t looks at account status. Maria responds with an hour intervals and keeps messaging “due to your inactivity I must drop this chat”.
Monica, connected day later solved my problem without asking a question. She connected to my accout, she read my messages.
The problem is solved now.
The root remains, however. Revolut needs replace the message " we will solve the question in 10 minutes".


Hello @Algirdas,

Yes I can see that your card was inactive and Monica re-activate your card.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.

Have a great day.


Andreas K