Card issued in Liechtenstein


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I have a new idea: As I can see on the webpage of Wirecard they can issue cards in the 33 SEPA countries.


In Switzerland you have to pay often 40 CHF per year for a Maestro card or a debit credit card. So if Revolut issue a card which is recognized as CHF, this would be useful for many Swiss users. Because some shops charge fees for paying with a non EEA card, the card should be issued in Liechtenstein. Liechtenstein is an EEA member and its national currency is also CHF. What do you think about my idea?




Revolut already provides to its Swiss users Mastercards recognized as Swiss-issued (CHF based). There is also an option of Maestro as a second card.

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Really? According to the BIN it’s an Austrian issued EUR card :thinking:. @Karol



Did you get your MasterCard recently?
I got mine around September, and it suggests CHF as a default currency when paying abroad.
(at least that’s how it is for Swiss-based accounts and Premium/Metal cards)



Around the time Metal cards were announced as available Revolut changed their card numbers to use MasterCard account numbers. Which is the 7th and 8th number on the card.

This allows the cards to be issued in a different country but still recognised as CHF, DKK or other country. This is how they fixed it. If yours are old, then you can try and ask support for a new one.



Is it the same with VISA? @henrikbjorn

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Don’t know, i only know about MasterCard



To answer both of your questions - VISA has no way to detect this AFAIK. Makes me thankful for having a MasterCard for once, even though VISA is more common here.



I don’t believe that it’s possible for a merchant or cash machine to identify the currency of a card, only its country of issue. The currency is then guessed, often incorrectly, based on the country of issue.



Someone sensitive here got offended by my message regarding a way to get a free Maestro in Switzerland and has been deleted, so sorry guys no more link…That wasn’t advertisement but only help for other swiss users. I see many people talking about Transferwise and no problem, but a little swiss solution like Neon is a big problem, wtf, it’s even not a competitor. If you little sensitive even don’t live in Switzerland, mind your own business please :kissing_heart:



If it’s just about the Maestro - ever heard of ZAK or Neon?

yeah it’s strange - mentioned neon myself a few times…
If it’s suddendly an issue for revolut - well, plenty of threads mentioning why :r: isn’t that much of a solution for swiss customers, right?



You would be partially correct. Using the card number or more specifically the BIN part of the card number, they can only know the card type and country of issue but not the currency of the card, but they can check the currency while it’s being processed.
As far as I know, Revolut will automatically convert to CHF so they should only see CHF on it.



My card is UK based and debit (It is not Prepaid) which is interesting and it’s actually issued by Revolut.



May I ask for picture of it?

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You sure? Because all of them are prepaid debit cards :smile:



Revolut does not issue non-prepaid cards. It might be a mistake in the BIN checker that you used.

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Evidently they can’t, because if one uses a debit card issued on a EUR bank account located in a non-Eurozone country, then card terminals in the Eurozone operating dynamic currency conversion incorrectly identify it as being in the currency of the country in which the card is issued instead of in EUR.