Card identified as £ all the time

I am resident of Cech rep. I have CZK account created. When I want to pay in czech shop, the POS terminal ask me if I want to pay in £. I have to manually switch to CZK all the time. It is a pain, because I don’t know how to switch it on all types of terminals.

Can I do something to pay in czech with czech crowns without switching it on the POS all the time?

Unfortunately, ATMs and POS terminals recognize the county code as U.K. All cards are issued in the U.K. at the moment.

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Thank for quick reply. So I have to use proxy card. It´s a pitty, I want to support revolut and pay with it directly. But switching the “local” currency all the time is annoying. I hope for quick implementation of “main currency of card” soon. Wish revolut all good.

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