Card hasn't arrived in 3 weeks


Hi guys,
I ordered my card and had the fee taken on the 14/7 and it hasn’t arrived, i don’t have premium and so cannot ask support and am not sure whether to disable it, order another card or pay for premium to sort the issue.
Thanks in advance to anyone that can help


What says status on youre card? (delivered, eta delivery) disable youre card you can unlock it later. You can ask the chat if they send a card out.

If you not got it ask youre post office maybe they hold it back for you. Or they didnt met you on the door. Like DHL they ring one time wait 30 sec no one open then they go.

Premium cards are trackable (didnt get a tracking number (i ask them in chat and got the number)

My standart card was delivered by DHL
My Premium card was delivered by FedEx