Card hacked, money stolen

Hey, first of all you have to wait for the :r: investigation. In the meantime I would suggest you to try pull the money back using your Barclays CC.
I think that you will eventually get your money back.

And hey, make sure you update us frequently!

This definitely is a bit scary; one thing I’ve noticed is that cards usually have higher limits than really required. I’ve switched to adjusting the limits of all my cards to quite low values; yes, this requires me to change them in case I book a holiday, but that sounds like less trouble compared to what I read here…


Exactly this is unacceptable.


I have read this out of curiosity and i would like to leave some advice for all that will read in the future.
Add a virtual card its free and wen you make an online payment or simply pay using an insecure device you can simple remove the virtual card and add a new one you will receive new card number new expiration date and cvv. From what i understand from support this can be done a limited number of times per month but its a lot better then ordering a new card, also wen you don`t use it you can simply have it frozen no issue and you can still use your physical card.
Just to prove a point this is a card that i made never used and by the time i am posting this have replaced just to prove a point.

PS First remove the virtual card and then add a new one so its free.
If you add a second one without removing the first one you will have to pay.


Keep in mind you have limited virtual creations per month, I think 5 or less…


I thought virtual cards were chargeable at £4.99
for standard members?

They are chargeable at £4.99 or 6ish€ to my knowledge too

No - checked with support and first virtual card is free, even for standard members. Added on the app and it is indeed free.

I meant for a non-first card :grimacing:

If you delete the first one and add another one, it’s still free

Maybe you doing it wrong? You can have 1 active free card as free member. I just tried it now. I already have virtual card which I used, tried to add new one and app asked me to pay or upgrade plan. Then I just deleted my already present virtual card and added new one - for free.

People are using them as disposable virtual cards - which is the premium feature

I don’t care if you want to pay 4.99 per virtual card go ahead that’s something Revolut can offer if people want

Are you ever gonna stop whinging about the same old thing?


When people realize what in complaining about and don’t ask

It isn’t a loophole. It is a deliberate feature (hence the 5 per month limit) that has existed for a long time. It is not the same as Metal’s multiple virtual + disposable cards: There is the 5 card limit, and there is the inconvenience of having to delete and recreate the card manually. Additionally, you can only have one at a time, so you can’t use the card for regular recurring and tokenized payments, which reduces Revolut’s overall value as a normal card service if you waste your one virtual card for this.

As a paying customer, you do not have these limitations, and that’s what you pay for. Nobody is stealing from you or Revolut, just as nobody is stealing from you when they retrieve 2 x 200 from an ATM in two months, thereby “mimicking” the Premium feature to retrieve 400. Nowhere did they advertise that “disposable card” is a concept that cannot somehow similarly be done at the cost of the user’s time and service usability.

Just choose the plan that works best for you. As a Metal customer, I know for me it has not been worth it for the past year, but that doesn’t mean I have to somehow make it worth by making other people’s life harder, to give me some perceived relative value. That would not only be bad character but also plain stupid because I don’t really gain anything at all.


Hi… exactly everything you have described has happened to me and I am finding Revolut not helpful at all. It is pretty scary that I have had the very same issues as you and for me something does not feel right about it. It’s exhausting trying to contact Revolut through web chat and on the odd occasion they reply the conversation just goes round the same loop… can anyone offer any advice?

My bank account was hacked throug Revolut a quite big amount is transfered to someone I don’t know

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