Card hacked, money stolen


Hello Community!

Want to ask if you had experience with your money being stolen from the Revolut card? Yesterday after topping up the card by rather huge amount of money they were almost immediately stolen (several purchases made online and in several England regions and Holland). Support advised just to wait till all the transaction to go through and then contact MasterCard to start the investigation. Also they reassured that there is no chance that internal fraud happened. However the situation looks suspicious - usually I keep around 50gbp on a card but yesterday topped it up by much larger amount as needed to make a purchase today. As soon money became available they were stolen. I dont use the card in ATMs at all, only when abroad and for the online shopping sometimes. Maybe its just unfortunate coincidence. Did you ever had this type of experience? Any advises will be really appreciated.



Hi @Oleg_Oleg,

Thank you for contacting us.

Let me clarify that we must wait until the transaction either reverts, declines, or completes. We’re not able to raise a chargeback on a pending transaction, as there’s the possibility that it will revert and the funds will return to your available balance. Of course we’d like to assist you further in your chargeback if still required.

Please note, a chargeback procedure can take up to 45 days. This is a MasterCard policy to give the merchant who took your funds time to contest the chargeback.

In the meantime please block the card from the card section of the app and get in touch with us so we can send a new.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.

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Andreas K


Me, too. After my first use of the revolut card at all it was apparently hacked. Now there are day per day 2 or 3 attempts by chinese companies (?) to charge my card. I’ve frozen the card, thus I’m actually safe. But what should I do now? I want to use my card! If I’ll unfreeze it, it will be charged improperly.
Have I to cancel my account and to apply for a new one?
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Leave the card locked and order a new one I guess. No need for a new account.


Report the card stolen and order a new one.


It’s not the Revolut card that was hacked BUT most probably your smartphone that has been hacked.
Do you use an Android smartphone? Have you flashed the firmware to install another OS??


I transferred my credit card data not by smartphone but by a Windows-Computer, when I made my transaction.


in my case i use iphone, and never had any problems with it, trying not to use it with public wi-fis when using the payment app


Well, it just looks like someone stole the card details. Just report the card stolen and order a new one. (I would file this under credit card fraud. My guess is none of Revolut’s systems were hacked. The fraudster got the card details because your windows machine is compromised, the connection at the time of purchase wasn’t secured or the systems of the online-shop were hacked.)


Thanks a lot, Frank!


just to say thanks to the Revolut team for solving the issue and refunding the money - thanks guys!


Same thing happened to me today. No one replies on revolut support. This is really bad. I’ve noticed the fraudulent transactions after 2 transactions are made and then frozen the card.

Whats the process to raise a claim or ask for charge back.


Same issue here. My card was compromised too. Revolut support was of little help. Ok, they blocked my card as soon as I reported it. But this left me abroad with all my funds in revolut and no means of payment.


Same issue here. Can’t speak to anyone from Revolut… Money stolen from my account and zero support from them. This is unacceptable!!


Have you blocked the card?


Try the live support and if that fails after a few hours, twitter. it shouldn’t take this long, make sure you do block the card!


hello there,
I am writing you because I had monwey stolen from my personal bank account (which is linked with my Revolut Debit Card). So, I was wondering if sharing my personal bank details in my Revolut account could have compromised my bank security, is it possible?