card freeze with own Paypal account

Card was just frozen as I attempted to make a payment with my own Paypal account that has been used many times with Revolut.

Shouldn’t my Paypal account be counted as a “trusted partner” and therefore not susceptible to blockings?

I don’t think this is the reason… I’ve done several PayPal payments in these days with Revolut cards (and with different currency too…) with no issue… :no_mouth:

yeah, I’ve done lots of payments with Paypal/Revolut and no problem. So if the anti-fraud system is well set up it should know it’s my Paypal account and never block it.

(I know the system isn’t perfect because I’ve got a monthly 7 USD debit that has been going for years. Occasionally it gets blocked as suspicious!!!)

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You can always unfreeze your card from the app