Card expiring

My card expires in 2 weeks, what happens then? I am currently overseas and rely on my card, will it renew automatically and how do I link the new card to the app when I won’t physically have it?

Your Revolut Card will expire or your bank card you use to top up will expire?

If your Revolut Card will expire, you can order a new one and:
See the card number in the app
Deliver to your address, wherever you are

If your bank card expire, the one you use it for top up, then you can’t link a card you don’t have it physically (unless the bank deliver the card at home, a family member tells you the details and so on).

My revolut card. There isn’t anywhere on the app to order a new one, just a virtual one or a spare. Surely it renews automatically?

In any way, you have to order a spare. Even if it is automatically renewed, you have to order the delivery.

@anon33247966 maybe can tell you exactly.

I would cancel the current one and order a new one with DHL while traveling :slight_smile: is super fast

It’s ridiculous that the customer has to order the card, it should happen automatically. I’m now left with no card until order one. So much for the cutting edge banking Revolut keeps bragging about. Very poor.

I don’t know, I’m not sure. But you said you’re abroad, traveling. I assume you need the card that’s why I recommended to order one in advance

Update: well done Revolut in getting me the replacement card to my temporary overseas address before the old one expired and around 5 days sooner than expected. Thank you!