Card Expires


Hello! What happens when the paper expires?
I have to ask for a new card?
How much does it cost to renew the card?


When the card expires I assume you can buy a new one for £5, too early to say though :frowning:


I hope not! Revolut should be replacing the card automatically…

Mine expires pretty soon too.


@AndreasK can you please help us understand what happens when our card expires: Is it automatically renewed?

Mine expires in a few months.


Hi! Could you please let me know what year your card expires?


In my case, 2018.

But I guess there would be a standard process for card renewals?


@AndreasK any news re the above please?


Hi! I would also like to know what is (will be) the policy for substituting expired cards… Any news on this? (Mine is just for 2019).


My card will also expire in January 2019. I’m also curious what will happen.

The card that will expire is a Mastercard, would it be possible to get it replaced with a Maestro card as the acceptance is much better in the countries I live/visit?


Any actual information on this? I would feel a bit overlooked as a long-time user if i had to pay to continue to use this service, where a new customer would get it for free.


My Rev Mastercard expires in a few months (I’m an early user of Revolute) but can’t find any info about the procedure of replacement, or if I can order a VISA or MAESTRO. Pls inform… Is there a free renewal?


You can order a card at any time and ask for refund.


Why has there been no answer in the 9 months since this question was asked?

@AndreasK, my card expires in September. Will Revolut send me a replacement automatically? If so, will it be MasterCard or Visa?


For our own reasons we prefer one card or another, so I think this Q is important and needs to be explained from R.
Little story: When VISA Credit card from my bank expired, they thought it will be cool to change it to MasterCard Credit (as bank’s policy changed, but they still were able to issue VISA…). I said NO (I want Visa…), bank refused, so as a result they get less money from me now. Fools :smiley:


This should be standard info when you sign up. It’s the main reason why I don’t recommend revolut to a lot of friends as the idea of having to pay for a card once is bad enough here in Portugal, but to have to pay each time the cards needs renewal is a tough sell


I agree, particularly as the period covered by the fee would not be disclosed until one receives the card. For this reason alone, I don’t believe that Revolut will be charging for renewal cards. The real question is whether the replacement is sent automatically (as with other card issuers) or whether the customer needs to request it manually.


Hey! I have answered this question to another post. Apologies I missed this one. Yes we are sending cards out automatically.


Will you send out a Mastercard for a Mastercard?
Currently it is impossible to order a Mastercard without becoming Premium…


My card expires 07/18 i have been advised on online chat to order new card in app and if it charges they will refund m. It has charged me £4.99 and £4.99 delivery. How do i get refund??


And will there be any cost associated with this? Is there any official information about this on Revolut terms and conditions?