Card does not work with Uber


Hmm thats weird. I have my MasterCard in romania that i added to uber just yesterday and it auto added. maybe the online transactions thing is turned off in your security settings? once i added the card, i got a notification from revolut saying the card was authorized for uber.


I’m having a similar issue as well.
I tried using my virtual :r: Visa for my Uber account (I also have a standard Mastercard linked to it, as well as my PayPal account), and I would have the same error message as described above. So I thought the problem could be due to the virtual nature of the card… and when I used my physical :r: Mastercard it work.
But then, my sister, another revolut member, had the issue with her physical :r: Visa.
This was in both Sweden and Norway.
We had the same issue trying to buy a train ticket with Flytoget, in Norway. My sister’s :r: Visa did not work, my :r: Mastercard did.
So I think you have a more general problem with :r: Visa vs :r Mastercard, rather than an Uber problem.
Could you please look into that @AndreasK ?
I’m also worried because due to a deficient card, my :r: mastercard has been terminated and I’m now getting a :r: Visa (see my post about it). I’m afraid I’ll have usage restrictions, so it would be great to find a solution to those problems.


Hey Andreas,

I live in Sweden and I have one credit card and one debit card linked to my uber account in addition to revolut card.

I was recently in Lisbon and tried to book uber with revolut card but didn’t work there.
Now I am in Poland and uber is not accepting revolut card here either.
I added revolut card in PayPal too but then I don’t see the revolut card in uber-paypal card list screen to select the revolut card.

Can you please help me?


Check the preapproved payments through paypal website.


In the Netherlands, Revolut cards with BIN 541348, dont work with Uber.

Uber said that this is because it is a prepaid card and not debit/credit…