Card does not work with Uber


I can verify that Revolut virtual card does not work with the Uber app on iOS11. It works fine on other apps like bus ticket payment apps.

The revolut app receives the £0 payment instruction but Uber app says ‘Something went wrong’.


Could you try a MasterCard from Revolut?

Uber requires you to have an additional credit card on your account when using a prepaid.


i need help adding my revolut card on my uber account i have paypal and my bank card linked. im going to america this friday and would like to have this added before i go. i have tried every suggest above please help.


Hi guys. I’m from Poland and I have this problem to. I created a virtual card and I tried add it to Uber payments method and it was rejected, some payment issue. What shall I do? Send more money to Revolut because I have there only 1 zł? Or it only works with physical card?


It definitely won’t work with physical card for me- it does with virtual.
Our experiences vary.

Definitely let Uber support know and be perseverant in trying to find out why this card won’t work for you but works for others!
And I recommend to do the same for everyone having issue like these.
My personal experience with Uber support was just horrible- complete lack and willing to understand the issue. The more poeple complain for Revolut cards, the more likely it is for them to finally take action.


Hello, I am costumer from Poland. I still have a problem to add any virtual or “real” card to UBER, Can you check my account please?


Do you have a bank card linked to your uber account?


Hello Andreas , Yes, I do.


I’m having the same issues as some of the above. Uk based, virtual and physical cards won’t be loaded. I tried physical on lyft and it worked straight away. Are we aware of any work around for this as of yet? Last time in the US, I used a debit card and an Amex card , which are both still loaded…would like to avoid the costs for the next time I travel


Have you tried adding your virtual card specifying Germany as the country? It worked with me, while adding my Visa virtual card.


Yeh I bought a virtual card and it loaded fine , hopefully I run into no issues when using it in the us in a few months time.

Thanks for your help mate , much appreciated !


Revolut, any news about the Uber Vs Revolut?

It´s strange that after 2 years this is still an issue for most of the revolut\uber users.


In the Netherlands, I do not have any issues with both cards for Uber.
Maybe its a country issue(that Uber in your country does not allow the card)?

The card is still debit Prepaid instead of full Debit, that could be a issue as well.


Is there any person from Revolut that can confirm this? Thank you!


I can confirm that selecting Germany for country did work for me, with the physical card. I haven’t yet payed with the card, I only added it for now.

I tried Romania, then UK with postal codes 99999, E145AB and LU63HA (as suggested by Revolut via chat), none worked.

I don’t know what the issue is, and apparently Revolut doesn’t know either, but trying with one of these country combinations might work for some.


Me too: In RO, virtual with Germany and physical worked just fine with Romania. I did have another card registered before adding the physical Revolut.


It works for payments as well. Everything works fine.


Still not working in Portugal. Tried both physical and virtual Visa. I already have added and used other 6 different cards with Uber without issue.

One is Mastercard prepaid, one is debit mastercard, one visa credit, one visa electron, one visa electron prepaid and a virtual mastercard from my “legacy” bank.

For some reason the physical maestro from my bank did not work but the virtual mastercard does work fine


I am from Portugal and I had the same problem to add my revolut physical VISA card, even having a “normal” CC already added to Uber.
The solution that worked for me was to use Germany as the country.
Now I have to see if I can pay with it.


I already tried Germany and it still won’t let me add the card…