Card does not work with Uber


Mastercard for me 539123 bins
I seem to have discovered something, Uber with a Revolut Card will not work on ios

To test i had an ios 11 device with an austrian acc. and card was declined even though :r: tried as i got the Uber Bv authourisation message.

Moving to my android phones.
Romanian acc. And austrian took my revolut card as my only card.

Tl;dr: ios bad, android good


I just tried adding a Virtual VISA to my Uber account. Tried several times and it didn’t work. Tried with my physical mastercard and that worked fine.

When trying to add the virtual visa Uber would send me authorisation requests and after they were successful my card got declined.


I’ve just read through this thread and Uber UK won’t accept my revolut (physical or virtual, both VISA). I have had Uber for several years and there are two other cards added to that account, all billing details are correct. You said before that Uber support revolut, why is this not working?


It seems it is a problem with the VISA cards and not the MasterCard. Maybe it depends on the issuer. You do now have a Revolut MasterCard?


No the app didn’t have an option to choose anything other than a Revolut visa. Does that mean it is impossible?


Hope not. As a last resort you should soon be able to chose what kind of card you want, Visa or Mastercard.


Was this ever sorted for you? I am in the same boat


Hi @AndreasK

I have tried all the various options to get my Revolut card to work with my uber but no luck including paying an extra £5 for a virtual card!

I have multiple uk cards on the uber account and I still keep getting the same issue! Help please!


Could you please let me know if the card was previously working with Uber?


Hi Andreas

I had used PayPal and a uk debit card previously.

I keep getting the same result when I add the physical card and now (useless) virtual card which i paid £5 for



Are both of them visa?


Yeah both visa, isn’t that the only card type revolut issues?


Depends on your region. UK Cards are always Visa, mine is a MasterCard and if i remember correctly my virtual visa did not work, but my MasterCard physical card did.


I received a Revolut Visa card last week. I added it to Uber and Lyft with no problems. I received a notification with a pending payement of £0 for Uber and 0$ for Lyft. After 2 days I receive another notification : payement canceled for Uber and Lyft. Why?


They will do a payment of 0. Then after some days they will cancel it. Standard procedure for verification of cards. Normally you just can’t see those with your normal bank.


Hi Andreas!

I’m not able to link any of my Revolut cards to my Uber account, although I already have a conventional bank released credit card attached as a payment method. How can I solve this problem.
Can you help me?


I have the same problem in Romania. Physical card Revolut (Mastercard) is not supported by UberRomania. Can You help me ?



MasterCard plastic, both premium and standard worked selecting UK as country and post code E14 5AB (with space!)

Visa Virtual worked selecting Germany


Have a new Revolut/MasterCard - and not working on UBER - on ios11


Do you have another credit card on your account already? If not, that might be the reason for it not working.