Card does not work with Uber


Olá! Podes dizer-me como conseguiste? Continuo sem conseguir adicionar nem o cartão fisico nem o cartão digital ao Uber (Nem ao paypal)…


Does you visa card start with 4596 548?


Phys. Only for looking at the back.
Oops :stuck_out_tongue:


yes it does… what can I do?


If it doesn’t work …nothing, wait a while as Revolut is an issuer now so that can help maybe :crossed_fingers:


Uber doesn’t allow me to add my virtual Visa card, the virtual MasterCard works fine. Strange Uber is blocking the virtual Visa side only.


Hi Ben,

For me my virtual MasterCard and VISA both worked.


This is the error I get when trying to add a card, Revolut app says it’s trying to authorize the card.


OK, this is wired.

As you can see above @AndreasK states that Uber UK will work with Revolut Cards.

Drop him a DM and you will get a fast reply :wink:

Also use Post code E14 5AB not whaterver is in your screenshot



I have the same issue with my virtual card not being accepted by Uber. I set up my virtual card this morning and as suggested added my own bank debit card successfully and then I tried to add my virtual visa card and it keeps being rejected. I tried using the posy code E14 5AB as suggested as well as my own and this had not affect. I contacted Uber UK and received the following response.

Sorry to hear about the trouble using your card, Iain.

Some cards and methods are not compatible with our billing processes and can’t be used with Uber, this includes Prepaid/Gift Cards. You will need to add another payment method directly to the app. We have a number of options available - including Apple Pay, Android Pay, PayPal, Uber gift cards and others - in addition to most standard credit and debit cards.

So it looks like I set up a Revolut account and virtual card which I cannot use as I intended as I travel a lot internationally and wanted the ability to pay for Uber travel in a safe convenient way in various currencies.


You can use your card with UBER, if you’ve already a credit card linked to your UBER account.

Make sure the billing addresses are correct.


What for the invoice address? what is it going to overdo with?

I also tried with paypal but it did not work either?


Hi Andreas, I have had uber for ages, have a card and paypal linked, but it still won’t accept my revolut card, uber says that something went wrong? I have successfully linked revolut to paypal. I don’t know what else to try and don’t want to waste £5 on a virtual card which may not work. Am based in the UK and my invoice addresses are correct. I have the same issue as a previous poster in that I am going travelling and part of the reason I have revolut is so I can pay for uber in local currency without paying international fees


Could you please send me a direct message with your phone number linked to your account so I can investigate this for you?


I’m a newly registered user so it isn’t letting me DM you


Could you please try now?



I am french and currently in South Africa for 5 months and it is impossible to connect my revolut card with Uber, it says me that there is a mistake and that i need to choose the country where i receiver the bill but i have selected France.
I have already my french bank account connected with Uber. Currently, i have 0 euro on my revolut account but about 1800 African rands.
Can you please help me? :slight_smile:


@AndreasK I just received my new physical Revolut card (now issued by Revolut), and i´m getting the same trouble as many people adding it to UBER account. On UBER i already have 2 cards, one debit and one credit, but when i try to add Revolut always get the error “we are unable to accept your card”.
I tried to add it many, many times, with different countries (Portugal, UK, US and Netherlands), with different ZIP Codes (UK - 00000, 99999 E145AB; US - 00000, 99999)… Can you please help with this? Thank you


It’s 2018 now and still Revolut works not with Uber. I have a credit card in my Uber account but still my Revolut can not be added. (Something want wrong / Enter the country…).
Any solutions?


Are you all using VISA?