Card does not work with Uber


I’m having a similar issue with Uber. My :r: Visa was (seemingly) added as a valid payment method after £1 was deducted and subsequently refunded to my account, however when I try to book an Uber using it, it just returns an error message:


As can be seen from the first screenshot, I have another Visa (from Nationwide) which works without any issues, so I’m pretty stumped with this problem. Just to clarify, my Uber, Revolut and Nationwide accounts are all registered to the same UK address and I was trying to book an Uber in the UK using GBP.

I haven’t tried using a virtual card instead for this purpose. As others have said, I was hoping that the physical card will work as a valid payment method, especially since I was able to add it to my Uber account.


I have the same issue with Visual card…


Hello. My problem is not related to Uber but it is related with the impossibility to use the Revolut Card.

I just created my virtual card and tried to use it for a LondonPass. It didn’t worked, message was : The range for this card is not in our system.

Can anybody help me on why this is happing or how can I solve it?



OK, finally I was able to solve my issue with virtual Revolt card and Uber.
Try to change country to other, in my case Germany works :slight_smile:


New here. I have a virtual wirebank revolut card. Added already in uber app a cc and keep trying to add this revolut without luck using until now half of the europe countrys. Who can support me here? The revolut support sent me to uber.


Hi @Tombi

Uber has prepaid allowed in some countries.
Use the post code "E145AB’ with UK, this works with PaySafe issued cards.

A friend of mine has a Wirecard Issued card,
He uses Romania as a country.

Hope this helps,


Thank you @Quexity! I am from romania and tried first Romania and then also the UK with that postal code without luck.



Is your uber registered to a RO number e.g +407XXXXXXXX?

I made my account with RO number, delete your uber and make a RO account. The prices should be EUR and RON in romania.
My PaySafe card is added as UK Card.

My Romanian friend back home got a Wirecard. and it works with RO as a country, if asked for ur postal code use any ro code:

Hope this helps,


I have exactly as you said, just that didnt work. I’ve just checked all and tried again. Is wierd.


Salut @Tombi,

Aveți un membru premium?. Puteți genera o carte virtuală VISA?

Ambele modele MasterCard și Visa virtuală funcționează bine cu Uber românesc.


I living in Sweden and I try it now but it doesn’t work!!

I shows UK and E14 5AB but it still doesn’t work!


Do you have an account made in Sweden?

Who is your Card issuer? Paysafe Financial Services or Wirecard AG (back of card)

Uber in some countries does not like prepaid cards.


Debit cards, virtual cards, or prepaid cards are not accepted

but for my case prepaid and Virtual cards are accepted.


Am ales revolut standard. Cardul virtual generat inteleg ca este un visa. Nu am optat deloc pentru card fizic



Nu am răspunsuri. Ne pare rău!

au o zi buna in ciuda problemelor tale Uber!


How do you look at the back of a revolut card? is it just an app? and it worked 3 months ago with my second revolut bank account


physical card only,

Virtual cards are by PaySafe Financial Services (I think)


oh well okay so virtualcards do not work with uber?


I only have a virtual Revolut card (they didnt send me the physical one) and i am able to pay Uber with the virtual card


For me they work fine


I’m from Portugal, still trying to add my cards (I have a physical and a virtual one) to both Uber and Paypal with no success… I tried everything explained here on this post. This is largely the reason why I was interested in Revolut so I could better control my purchases and expenses but it seems like there are still many constraints on prepaid cards…